Sunday, August 3, 2008

Take me riden in the car-car.

Liam napped once we returned home from the berry patch. While he was napping, Rae and I went to the pottery studio to finish the plate from Liam's birthday party. I had everyone who attended put their fingerprints around the edge of the plate. Then I painted in train tracks and wheels to make the fingerprints look like train cars. I also added a few other embellishments. Once it is fired, I will have the studio glue the train that Liam painted onto the plate in front of the cars. It will look very cute hanging in his room.

Liam took a long nap and it was nearly dinner time by the time he woke. We surprised him with his last birthday gift - a cosy coope play car. He had a lot of fun driving it around in the backyard and in the driveway. I was able to get it used for a steal. He loves to play with those types of car riding toys at school and when we visit friend's houses. So I am glad we were able to find one for him at a good price.

Even though we had a lot of left-overs, we decided to go out for dinner because Rae was visiting us. We all had a big meal at the Chinese buffet. Liam ate quite a lot - I am worried that they will started charging us for him. After dinner, we played in the yard some more. Liam drove his car around and then decided to wade in the pool once I put my feet in it. He had a good time splashing (which he didn't have time for at his party). Then he helped empty it by scooping out the water and watering the plants (and they really needed it) or "washing" his car. He was a muddy mess by the time we were done. I managed to convince him to come in and get a bath with the promise of watching the batman cartoon. He kept saying "batman" over and over was too cute.

I can't believe my baby is already two years old!

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