Monday, August 4, 2008

Voted the MacGyver of Housewives.

There is a long story behind the title of this post. Mt sister decided to stay with us for the weekend and into the week. She was having fun playing with our cat, Dozer, and asked me if we had any cat toys. I produced a rather silly looking handmade toy that Sean calls "the worlds ugliest cat toy" (let's face it, cat's don't care). I told her that I made it from scraps of fabric. She laughed at said "Fabric scraps and a stick of bubble gum, right?! You're the MacGyver of housewives." Considering the guest at Liam's birthday party were chuckling about my hand-made goodie bags and playdough, I think this title is fitting. I am always trying to make something out of next to nothing - I consider it one of my greatest gifts and I enjoy the challenge.

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