Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Vacation Wrap

Sunday morning we all headed north to Fort Wayne. We were not however, all in the same car. Instead we were a convoy composed of two motorcycles (daddy and grandpa), one mini van (grandma), and one car (Liam and mommy). It was a crazy situation, but the only way that grandpa could transport his motor cycle to his new house and Sean could transport the motorcycle that his dad gave him back to our house. Except for the first part of the drive as we left Indy, Liam did pretty well in the car all that time. He also managed to get a nap in.

When we arrived in Fort Wayne, we went to see grandma and grandpa's new house. Aunt Rae met us there too. After we got the full tour of there new home, Rae, Liam, Sean & I went to the Fort Wayne zoo for the afternoon. We started out at the farmyard area first. Liam was so excited to see a horse up close. He calls horses "giddy-ups". He also petted the goats and "baaaed" with them. Liam was beside himself when he saw the little train. There was a long line, and quite a wait, but Liam did very well. I think the train ride lived up to his expectations! He just giggled and squealed the whole time! In fact, he cried when it was time to get off the train...it was tough to say "goodbye train".

Next we went to the Australian outback exhibit. The fish aquariums were so much fun to watch - those jelly fish can put you in a trance. Liam learned the word "dingo" too and had fun saying it along with "roo". In the Indonesian rain forest exhibit, Liam and Aunt Rae discovered that there were mice living in the dome with the rain forest birds. Liam liked looking at the gibbons swinging. Although Liam looks kind of forlorn in this picture of him in the Tree House, he actually played in there for a while and did not want to leave. Liam was also spoiled when Aunt Rae took him on a bear ride - on the meri-go-round that is. :)

There was so much to see at the zoo - we didn't have energy to see it all! Before we left, Liam played in the frog fountains for a while. He had fund splashing about with the other toddlers. After getting a quick dinner, we went to grandma Kathie's house and watched cartoons with Aunt Rae. What a busy weekend!

On Monday we headed home - daddy on his cycle and Liam and I in the car. Today was a pretty boring day after so much excitement, but it was nice to have a somewhat leisure day around the house.

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