Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Life is Good.

I just want to take a moment to acknowledge the good (even great) things in life. This morning Liam didn't fuss when it was time to go. He didn't cling *much* when I had to leave him at daycare. I had a good, productive day at work and when I came to pick Liam up, he ran to me with smiles. After picking up our fresh farmer's milk, we went home and played in the yard. Well...Liam played, I weeded. Nonetheless, it was beautiful weather and a joy to be outside. Once daddy was finished preparing his famous pizza for dinner, he joined Liam in the sand box. I love to hear them playing together! Liam ate his dinner, rather boisterously. The elderly neighbor, two doors down even took note of it. After chatting with the next-door neighbor and procuring a cup of sugar, I made some vanilla pudding for us and her. Liam played well with his playdough and his trains. But once he started getting *fast* (as his teacher calls it), I know it was time for a bath. Daddy got Liam dressed after his bath and then read a book. Just as we snuggled in bed to go to sleep, Liam asked to got potty. I was skeptical, thinking it was a ploy to play, but he did go potty and then went to his bed without a fuss. After Liam went to bed, I did some yoga for the first time in over a year. I didn't realize how much I miss it! What a day, life is good.

PS-I am quite behind on my posts...I am still in the process of writing up our vacation posts, which may eventually appear, as well as a bunch of photos from Liam's birthday.

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