Thursday, August 23, 2007

Cup half full...

At daycare yesterday, Liam had a great day and was very playful. I was happy to hear that he is really having fun there. However, I was a little miffed when I learned that they passed out Oreo cookies for a snack...that sort'a negates all my hard work to feed Liam organic, nutritious, and balanced meals.

Yesterday Liam said "cow" for the first time. He said it while we were playing with his sorting farm set. This morning he said "cow" again when we were looking at a book that had cows in it. Liam was pretty playful today too. He crawled up on the loveseat and posed for some silly pictures this morning.

Liam got to take two walks today. One with me in the morning and one with daddy in the afternoon. I had a training session for my new job this afternoon, so my friend Alissa was nice enough to watch Liam for part of the time and then Sean came home early from work to watch him for the rest of the afternoon. I was gone for only a few hours, but I sure missed him.

This evening, Liam discovered how to fill a cup of water from the tap. It was really neat to see him figure this out. Then he went on to scoop water out of the tub to fill the cup after I turned the water off. Bath time is so much fun!

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