Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fun with Daddy!

This evening I had training for my new job as a tutor/mentor, so Liam got to spend some quality time with daddy. Since it was a hot evening, Sean took Liam to the splash pad to play. He said that Liam had fun, but preferred to be held by daddy rather than running around. Perhaps Liam is developing a little stranger anxiety after all...he seems to get a little nervous in crowds. Then daddy treated Liam to some ice cream. Boy, Liam is sure going to be spoiled in the evenings when mommy's not around! When I came home Liam greeted me at the door, giggling. He wanted me to pick him up as soon as I came in. It's so nice to be loved!

During the past couple days Liam been using more and more words. I've heard him say "down" and "why". He also used "kitty" a couple times while we were briefly at my mom's house on Monday. This morning we did our usual shopping spree at the thrift store's end of the month blowout. I must have really tired Liam out, because he took an uncharacteristically long nap between 11am and 3pm.

Yesterday we had a whirlwind trip to Indiana and back so that I could transport some more of my stuff from my mom's house. Liam was a trouper through it all, even through we were in a car for most of the day.

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