Thursday, August 16, 2007

What's lost & what remains?

Today Liam and I met up with Lisa and her daughter Lesli (who is only three days older than Liam). We went to the Impression 5 Science museum here in town. While it was admittedly a little advance for our 12 month-olds, it was a lot of fun. Liam got to run around in a large space and had a blast looking in silly mirrors, playing with bubbles and boats in water tanks, making music on a piano and xylophone, and watching balls being thrown in a miniature trebuchet. We also sat inside a HUGE model of a mouth! We were quite hot and exhausted after all that!

This evening I went to my first grief support group...hence the cryptic title to this post. The lady who runs the group suggested that to work through our grief we have to think through what is lost, what remains, and what are the possibilities (for the future). I like this. It makes it easier to work through the grief and allows me to make my feelings concrete. So much work to do...

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