Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Zoo Night

As I mentioned on Monday, I signed us up for Zoo Night, which is as special night for those with a zoo membership. We picked up Liam from daycare and took him straight to the zoo. Liam waved bye-bye to Amy, the daycare worker, as we left. The weather was rather cloudy and misty, but luckily the rain stayed away for us to enjoy ourselves. We had a small picnic dinner and then walked through the zoo backwards from our usual path. We talked to the zookeepers and even got to go inside the penguin's enclosure for an up-close look at their newest baby penguin.

Almost exactly a year ago today we took Liam to the zoo for the first time, when he was just a tiny newborn. He slept through most of that trip. This time he got excited to see the animals and would point and squeal. He was a little nervous about the llamas at first, but realized they were ok when he saw mommy and daddy standing next to them.

He got to ride in the stroller and walk through part of the zoo on his own. Daddy helped him walk up a bunch of stairs. Liam especially liked the pond with all the peafowl and ducks. He also liked watching the spider monkeys eating watermelons.

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