Monday, August 13, 2007

Gourmet Food & Fun at the Park

Liam and I had a great day today. This morning was cool and sunny, there was almost a hint of fall in the air. We went out for a walk to enjoy the crisp air and stopped by the zoo to drop off our RSVP for zoo night this Wednesday. Once back at home, Liam and I played and relaxed. He took a long 2 hour morning nap, which gave me time to look at recipes in a book I got recently on natural and health baby/toddler foods. I marked a bunch of recipes that looked yummy and reasonable to make and then prepared one for his lunch today. He ate a cheesy apple sandwich and a banana smoothie. He loved the smoothie, but was kinda unsure about the sandwich at first. I ate a few nibbles to show him that I liked it and he eventually ate nearly half of it.

We also discovered that our local PBS station has a show called "Signing Time" that teaches kids sign language. It's very well made and includes singing, some animation and lots of children signing. Liam really enjoyed watching it and I picked up a couple new signs to use with him. He seems very eager at learning signs and has been signing "eat", "all done", and "more" in addition to "milk".

After lunch we headed to a local park to meet Lindsey, her daughter Scarlet, and the 22 month boy that Lindsey nanny's. We haven't seen Scarlet in almost a month and she was so big! She is only 17 months old, but already knows a ton of words. She's been learning her colors lately and said "yellow" and "purple" in front of me. The toddlers played on the jungle gym. Liam actually climbed the stairs on his own. He got to go down the slide a couple times too. We also hung out under a big tree for a while to escape the hot sun.

Before going home we stopped at Target to get some Tylenol. Liam has his 12 month checkup at the doctor tomorrow and I wanted to be sure to have some Tylenol on hand after his immunizations. We got home just before daddy. Liam was so excited when daddy came home that he ran over to him and clung to his legs, so that Sean could barely get his boots off! Liam is definitely running now. Sean chased him around the house while they were playing. One of Liam's favorite games right now is putting shapes into the sorter. He has gotten quite good at putting the pieces into their slot, but sometimes needs help finding the right slot. I suppose this is just an extension of his interest in putting things inside containers.

For dinner I made tempura chicken stir fried with peppers and zucchini. Liam gobbled it up along with some steamed rice and beans. He was so worn out from our busy day that he fell asleep at 8:30!

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