Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Friends on rainy days

Monday and today the weather was cold and rainy. Liam and I tried to make the best of it by spending some time visiting with friends. On Monday we spent the afternoon with Alissa and 14 month-old Ashtyn. They gave Liam a birthday gift...a set of plastic T-rex bones for playing in the sand! I'm sure Liam will have a blast with these the next time we go to the beach. This evening we got to try them out in the living room at home. Liam had lots of fun exploring Alissa's house and playing with all of Ashtyn's toys. Later, we all went out together to take care of the grocery shopping. It was nice to go shopping with someone else.

Today we went to the home of Sara and 15 month-old Elli. Liam spent most of his time chasing after their dog, Cody. He loves dogs and cats. Sara tried to talk me into adopting one of her cousins beagle/basset puppies. It sure is tempting, but I think there is too much going on right now to add a pet to our family.

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