Thursday, August 2, 2007

Hot, hot, heat!

This morning Liam and I took a walk around the neighborhood. On the same day last year, I walked with my mom ans husband while in labor with Liam...hoping to get things moving along. This year Liam and I took baby steps together for nearly 4 blocks. Of course it was slow going because he wanted to stop and look at every stone and crack in the sidewalk, every tree and bush, and wanted to occasionally stray into someones driveway or the street. Even though we didn't walk that far, it was exhausting!

Liam was a little grumpy today and refused to nap. This might be related to the molars he has coming in right now. Things sort of got worse the more sleep deprived he got, but we did manage to have some fun too. In addition to signing "milk", Liam is also using "more" when he wants more food. It's gratifying that he understands he can communicate with us and so cute to see him signing.

This evening we placed a bid on our third house. This time our offer was accepted! Hopefully we'll have it inspected some time next week and with any luck we'll be in our new house come September! It must have been karma, because when we went out for dinner (which was totally unplanned) we ended up running into both our realtor and the owners of the home. How strange is that?!

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