Thursday, August 9, 2007

Mug Shot

Today Liam and I spent most of our time in hardware stores looking at all the various things we'll need to get for out new house. Liam was quite content to ride around in a cart or stroller while I priced a bunch of different items and appliances. I'm starting to get really excited about moving in a few weeks. I even picked out some paint colors. :)

In the afternoon we took care of another chore that I have been putting off - getting Liam's passport photo. Next spring we plan on traveling as a family to British Columbia for a conference. With the new travel rules, it's necessary to have a passport even when traveling to Canada. Luckily Sean and I already have one, but Liam still needs one. There is a lot of hoopla involved in getting one for a minor child...both Sean and I have to be present and so forth. Now that I have the photo out of the way, we can try to plan on getting the paperwork submitted sometime soon.

This evening was rainy so we ended up staying in. Liam had lots of fun playing with his birthday balloon. He also played peek-a-boo with daddy, using me to hide behind. It was so cute! I really enjoy Liam at this age. He laughs at nearly every silly thing and toddles around after me.

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