Saturday, August 11, 2007

Fun with boxes!

Friday Liam and I went to the crawlers group at the birth center. It was our first group, since my father died. We have been spending too much time home and not being social, so it was important for us to go do something fun. We planned a few play dates for next week while we were there. Liam impressed everyone with his awesome walking skills and had lots of fun playing with the train set.

In the evening, grandma Bev and grandpa John came to visit. They brought a bunch of boxes with them to help us move. Yeah! Then they treated us to dinner at Outback to celebrate John's upcoming retirement and our new house. Liam pigged out on bread, sweet potatoes, broccoli, steak, and mac'n cheese. The rest of us enjoyed wonderful meals too!

Today we all went to various hardware and appliance stores to look at a compare products. Daddy was especially interested in large sheds to have built at our new home and mommy got to buy a new washing machine! The little time that we spent at home, Liam enjoyed playing inside an old computer box. He crawled in and out of it and gathered up toys to put inside it. After grandma and grandpa left, Liam and I spent some time playing with his sorting/stacking boxes. I was SO impressed with Liam when he started putting the wooden shapes into their boxes. He is all about putting things in and pulling things out of containers right now. He will spend hours pulling out his "little people" figures from his toy arc, or farm animals out of counting containers.

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