Saturday, August 25, 2007

Mommy, here!

Yesterday Liam and I went to a crawler play-group. He has rapidly out-grown this play group being so big and active, especially now that he is walking. Luckily, most of the other babies who come to this group are also walking too. Liam is always so happy at these play groups. He loves meeting other babies, playing with all the toys, begging food off other mommies, and exploring.

Last night was pretty restless for all of us (just like the last several nights). I think Liam's lower, right molar is finally coming in the rest of the way. He wakes throughout the night and cries. He's also been resisting naps and randomly irritable during the day. Another sign is frequent bowl movements...ick! He's also been having a bad case of sweaty baby-head. He isn't running a fever though, just a little warm. I can't resist the smell of his sweaty little head and it gives him cute curly hair. Liam was less cranky today, so maybe, just maybe, the worst is over now.

Today Liam accompanied daddy and mommy to the hardware store to look at stuff for our new house. We found some great bargains on clearance. Not so much fun for babies though. So later we took him to Pruess Pet store. This is the mother of all pet stores! It's practically a zoo! Liam got to run around the store looking at turtles, ferrets, lots of fishes, and birds too.

Our neighbor, Chris, came over to visit for a little while in the afternoon. Liam loves Chris because he tickles and throws him in the air. Liam giggled up a storm!

For dinner I made everyone Sockeye Salmon. Yum! Liam loved it and ate nearly every morsel. Later this evening, I was busy putting clothes away after doing laundry when Liam carried one of our folding laundry baskets in to me and said "Mommy, here." I picked Liam up and put him inside the basket. He crawled out and then put the basket on his head and took off walking. He ran out to where daddy was sitting in the living room. I was laughing so hard that I got hiccups. Liam and I both ended up with simultaneous hiccup attacks, because all the play and giggling also gave him hiccups.

We also worked on doing somersaults today. I would tell Liam to put his head down and bottom up and then I helped him roll over. He thought this was great fun, especially when I demonstrated by doing a somersault too. No one was more surprised than myself, because I haven't done one in at least fifteen years!

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