Tuesday, August 14, 2007

One-Year Check-Up

Whew! What a day! Liam woke up in a bad mood this morning...as though he knew what awaited him at the doctors office. Even a morning walk couldn't perk him up. But we managed to survive the day. Liam was a good sport during my check-up at 3:30 and made it through his 5:20 check-up with minimal crying.

Liam weighed in at 23lb 12oz (70%)...actually less than he was a month ago. He's probably not as heavy because he is so active now. He measured at 31 3/4 inches long (95%). The nurses were impressed with how big and strong Liam was. They were also surprised to hear that he uses several signs to communicate in addition to saying several words. The NP who saw him did a thorough check on his eyes and reflexes. I was surprised when the NP did not seem happy with the fact that Liam is still nursing. I suppose she thought that he couldn't be eating many solids if he was still nursing so much. I told her that Liam is a healthy eater and gets plenty of both milk and solids. I know for a fact that Liam is as tall and more muscular than most 2-year old boys! Too bad Liam's regular doctor was on vacation this week. :(

PS - I almost forgot! Liam made his first finger-painting today! Not too bad for a 12-month old...he was fond of the red.

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