Sunday, April 1, 2007

April Fool?

As I figured, Liam's good sleeping streak ended last night. There was lots of tears and crying, and sleepy parents in the morning...sigh...I just take comfort in knowing that the lack of sleep is all completely normal, at least that's what this "Mothering" article tells me.

There is no doubt that Liam is my son, because now that he is mobile he is incredibly accident prone. First thing this morning he fell over while trying to stand up using his new piano. As luck would have it he caught his upper lip on either the toy or his little teeth and busted it open! I picked him up when he started to cry after the incident and cuddled him. I realized his lip was bleeding after I saw the blood on my arm. I checked to make sure that it didn't require stitches and he settled down in just a minute. Poor little guy!

Sean decided to take vengeance out on the piano toy and for the next half hour proceeded to try to take it apart. His goal was to remove the legs of the piano so it would sit flat on the floor. In the end, the piano was just engineered with too many dang little screws! Afterwards we had to scour the living room carpet for any screws that went AWOL. Now my junk drawer has two more loose screws...I'm not sure what this says about me!

Later this morning we attended the wedding of our friends, Dan and Annie. Sean was the best man and I was the photographer (complete with baby strapped to my back). Sean held Dan and Annie's little boy, Aidan, during the wedding. It was a super short wedding, as they had to fit it in between the Palm Sunday masses.

I had invited some friends and their babies over for a playdate this afternoon, but everyone was under the weather with colds. So instead we continued our house search, went to a couple of open houses, and also made a stop at the library. Upon returning home, we discovered that Liam had had a massive diaper blowout...his second today! A flurry of baby baths and laundry ensued to clean up the mess. I even had to spot clean the car seat! Blowouts have been happening a lot recently. I don't know what's going on...I still use the same prefold diapers and covers. If anything, the diaper covers are snugger fitting now than they were a month ago, so there should be less problems, right? Not only is the poop filling the diaper and cover, but also making its way out onto his clothes. Our diaper service ends on Thursday of this week. I will be on my own to wash diapers after that...I'm certainly not looking forward to it if the blowouts continue!

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