Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Happy 8-Month Birthday!

At 8:46am Liam turned 8 months old. What were we doing? Sleeping together in the armchair. Why? Because Liam had spent most of the night before awake and crying, no actually it was shrieking. Sean and I were nearly at our wits end! There was nothing noticeable wrong with him: no cough, no fever, no rash, no wheezing, ok maybe a little congestion, but certainly nothing worth shrieking about! I guess I just have to file this one under "teething" and move on.

Liam's crankiness continued throughout the day, despite my best efforts. I don't normally let Liam watch TV, but he did settle down and stay happy while "Sesame Street" was on. This gave me a short enough break to recharge a bit and fix some breakfast for myself. Liam ate a breakfast of banana slices and rice crispies. He refused to nap most of the day. I did manage to get him down for a little over a half hour around noon. When he woke up we got things together and went to Sara's for a playdate. Today he got to play with Elie, as well as 12 month old Scarlett. Scarlett's mommy's name is Lindsey. We all talked and let the babies play till around 4:30. Liam was surprisingly mellow - I expected he would be happier when we went out for a bit.

He finally fell asleep on the short drive home. The weather was so sunny and warm, that I carefully put him in my Moby wrap carrier and went for a walk around the neighborhood with Sean. It was so lovely out...We just had to enjoy it, since it's supposed to snow tomorrow. The winds started to pick up as we got home. Liam also stirred and woke up. He was surprised, but happy, to be outside.

Once home, I gave him a bath. I also let him have a little time in the nude after his bath...another thing that I rarely let him due. Liam loves to be naked. Of course I took some pictures...but they won't be posted here!!! :) For dinner he ate a half a container of pureed carrots and played with some saltine crackers. Later I got out my violin for the first time since he was two months old and played a few songs. He watched me very intently and then tried to get into my sheet music and violin case. Sean and I played with Liam and talked about houses the rest of the evening. Let's hope tonight will be more restful for everyone!

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