Friday, April 13, 2007

House Heartbreak

Ok, this isn't about the baby, but I had to post an update on our house search. Today we went to look at another home. It's in the perfect neighborhood: liberal, well-integrated, centrally located, has a library/community center, etc, etc...The house itself is just about perfect too. Check out the hardwood floors and built-ins in the dinning room!
The only problem is that it's just too small. The bedrooms are too small for our queen-sized bed and antique chests of drawers. The owners finished the attic space to make a nice third room upstairs, but with all the sloped ceilings it's impossible to put bookshelves up there for an office. The house is so cute that I want to move in today! But, I just don't think I could fit our furniture in it...and I'm not sure I'm prepared to part with any of my antique furniture. :( I guess we will put it in the "think about" pile and continue the search. The realtor did drive us by a couple other houses in the neighborhood...These are just out of our price-range, but we'll take a look at them tomorrow.

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