Thursday, April 19, 2007

Milestone Updates

I am pleased to report that Liam's sinus infection is much improved (now I don't have to suck boogers out of his nose with an aspirator before every feeding!). He has also slept well for the past couple nights, so I'm finally taking the time to write about all the things he's accomplished. He's certainly been busy learning these past couple weeks!

Liam is now cruising around the house like a pro. I'm always amazed at how well he moves and gets around. He can go from laying, rolling, sitting, crawling, or standing in a blink of an eye. This week at daycare, they said he practice walking with the furniture most of the day. He also tried to stand with no hands on a supporting object, something I've also seen him do at home. With his new mobility, he has gotten into a lot more trouble lately. His favorite mischief is to pull my cookbooks off their shelf.

Liam is also extremely dexterous and takes great pleasure at feeding himself now. Sometimes I think he eats just because he thinks it's fun to pick up different foods. On Tuesday he surprised me when he snatched up a crumb of salmon that I dropped while eating lunch...I guess fish is his first meat!

Liam has shown increased interest in our pet birds during the past two weeks. He often pulls himself up and stands next to their cage to watch them and babble at them. He likes to watch Sean or I feed them too. When we visited my parents last weekend, he really noticed their cats. He would get so excited that he'd scream and kick, scaring them away. Eventually he figured out that he needed to be quiet and calm to attract the cats.

When Liam plays he often giggles and "talks". His favorite activity is to explore the apartment. In his room he pulls stuffed animals off the shelves and gets into baskets of toys. He plays with the door, swinging it back and forth and watching it move. He's often seen crawling down the hall, dragging his favorite stuffed elephant or fluffy puppy along with him. In the living room some of his activities are: watching the birds, trying to climb the stereo speakers and chairs, playing peekaboo with the curtains, and geting into the bookcases...just to name a few. All of this exploring often leads to bumps and bruises. He bonks his head at least once a day trying some silly feat. Last week he tried to stand using his jumper/swing and had a spectacular fall that thankfully didn't end in tears. Today he pinched his fingers in the doors of a bookcase...twice! You'd think he'd learn, but he keeps going back for more! Some of his favorite toys are the stacking rings and stacking cups. He thinks it's funny when I stack up the cups and then blow them over! Tonight's fun was crawling in and under the laundry basket as I folded his diapers.

Liam often laughs when we laugh. I can tell that he his aware of our moods and conversations. I think he understands a great deal, even though he can't talk yet. I've started using a few simple signs with him to help him communicate. The most important one is "milk" because I am getting tired of him bitting me to let me know that he wants to nurse.

Sometimes Liam gets grumpy, especially during diaper changes. Usually a well placed raspberry or a tickle frenzy will get him out of his funk. Car rides are also grumpy times, especially if he is tired and hungry. I've found that bringing along a stuffed animal to snuggle makes time in the car much easier for both of us. Liam hates nap time, but really needs his naps. He will play and explore until he's super cranky, so we usually take the time to calm down and nap a couple times a day...once in morning and once in afternoon. Sometimes he also needs an evening nap too.

This morning we said good-bye to Auntie Rae. We were all sad to see her go!...She was such a great help these past few days. Thank you Rae!!!

Oops, I almost forgot to mention TEETH! Liam has been cutting teeth at an alarming rate. He's only 8 months and already has six teeth (four upper incisors and two lower incisors). Hopefully this will be all for a while...We've missed out on a lot of sleep since he began getting teeth at 5 months.

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