Saturday, April 21, 2007

Spring Picnic with Friends

Well, today has not been one of the best days...Don't worry, it has nothing to do with the baby and everything to do with the lowlifes that broke into our shed and stole things from us. So when I got a call from my friend Alissa to see if we wanted to have a picnic, I jumped at the chance to get outside and have some much-needed fun!

The weather was just about perfect today: warm, sunny, and a gentle breeze. We met along the bank of the Red Cedar river on the MSU campus. A lot of people were out enjoying the day. Liam was entranced watching the river and the water churn and bubble in the small rapids. He wasn't as thrilled about the grass though. I took of his sandals and tried to get him to walk with me in the cool green grass. He tried to stand on my feet to avoid touching the grass...when he couldn't do that, he stood on one foot and held the other in the air! Later on he accidentally crawled/rolled off the picnic blanket onto the grass and cried for me to rescue him. Sean also tried to show him how fun the grass was to play with, but Liam just wasn't having any of it!

Ashton even demonstrated the joys of sitting in and pulling on grass, but we still had no luck in persuading him. Isn't Ashtyn such a cutie-pie! She looks like a little gerber baby in this picture! As you can see in the last picture - where the kidos are eating biscuits together - Liam is on the blanket and Ashtyn is in the grass. Oh well... :(

We did have a lot of fun! Thank you Alissa for getting us out of our funk! Liam was so well behaved and relaxed. Now that it's warm, I will have to take him outside more often...maybe we can work on his grass-phobia that way.

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