Monday, April 30, 2007

Last Day of the Zoo Pass

Last night we went to "coffee night" with a group of parents that I hang out with. It was at Sara's house this month. Liam played with Elli, Scarlet, Marlow, and Lilly. I got to meet the daddy's of all these little ones, and my friends got to meet Sean. We had a really great time...probably too great. Liam was so stimulated that he didn't want to sleep all night. I tried just about everything. I only got about 3 hours of sleep...ugh! To make matters worse, he didn't want to nap during the day either. I did manage to persuade him to take an hour long nap in the afternoon. I got some rest then too.

Our annual zoo pass expired today, so I was eager to go one last time before we had to shell out more money. Once we both got our brief nap, we went to the zoo. The weather was lovely. Liam rode around in the Ergo carrier as we strolled through the zoo. This was the first time that we actually made it through the entire zoo. Liam's favorite animal this time were the goats. They were being very boisterous and bleating up a storm. He thought they were funny. Zzzzzz...Oops, I dozed off there. Hopefully tonight will be a better night of sleep for everyone.

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