Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Missing Him Already

We've had a busy past couple days. Liam survived running all the last-minute errands before I leave for the SAA Conference and I made sure to take him to some fun stuff too. Monday we went to the NINO meeting, which is pretty much just a huge and chaotic playgroup with babies and children of varying ages. The youngest baby there was only nine days old...she was SO tiny! Liam wanted to play with the toddlers and bigger kids really badly. He kept getting himself underfoot and in trouble. I checked the Ergo baby carrier out of the library for the next month to see if we want to buy one. I thought that this might be a carrier that Sean would like to use because he can carry Liam on his back. I tried the Ergo out in the evening when Liam and I took a stroll through the neighborhood and Scott Woods. It's pretty comfy.

Today we visited with lots of mommas and babies at Sara's house. Liam played with Ellie, Scarlet, Marlow, Lilly, and Ben. The first three on the list are all walking and around 12 months or older. Liam holds his own around these older babies. We decided that this playgroup has the most beautiful babies around...of course we're hardly impartial, but they really are super cute!

Now it's off to bed to get some rest...I have an early morning flight.
It's going to be so hard to be away from Liam and Sean for three days. :(

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