Friday, April 6, 2007

Sick, sick, sick...

We're all really sick. Yes, again! This time with bronchitis, or something. On top of that, I had a terrible allergic reaction and had hives all over last night...even in my throat. Since I'm delirious right now, I'm just going to list a few details from the past two days.


* Liam slipped while trying to stand with the end table and bruised his forehead pretty bad.

* Liam ate grated carrots for the first time. He's gotten really good at feeding himself small things like rice crispies and grated carrots.

* Liam cut his FIFTH tooth (it may have actually came out on Wednesday, but I didn't notice it till Thursday). This one was his second incisor in the upper right side.

* Sean came home from work sick with bronchitis. I came down with bronchitis and hives in the evening.


* I called my doctor first thing in the morning. Got chastised for not going to ER last night. He gave me a steroid shot and some pills too. He called Liam's pediatrician, who said it was still ok to breastfeed. I talked to the pharmacist, just to double check. He said to pump and dump while taking the pills and feed Liam formula in the meantime. I decided to pump just to be safe.

* Liam not happy about going cold-turkey off breastfeeding.

* We all went to look at some houses with our realtor in the afternoon. Pretty disappointing. Liam slept through most of it...thank goodness!

* My accident prone boy pinched his finger in the door of a bookcase just before bedtime. Some tears, but he's ok.

Now I'm going to go collapse...goodnight.

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