Sunday, April 8, 2007

Dreaming of a White Easter

This morning there was snow on the ground when Liam and I went to the 7:45am Easter Mass (you gotta love that Lake-Effect, NOT!). Daddy stayed home because he was still really sick and coughing. Liam was pretty good at church. He got to flirt with a 17 month-old little girl when we walked around in the foyer during one of his restless periods. Her mommy was impressed by home well Liam gets around (with a little help from mommy) for only 8 months old. We got home around 9am and Liam went down for a nap. Shortly after, grandma Kathie and grandpa Mike arrived from their hotel. My folks came up to visit yesterday to help us out while we were all sick. It was so great to have a couple extra hands and sets of eyes!

While Liam napped, we put out his Easter basket, some plastic goose eggs, and a bath-time book from grandma and grandpa for him to find. We also hid a huge stuffed ducky that my sister sent in his play tunnel. Liam found the "Little Quacks" bath-book first and spent quite a while chewing on it. Then he discovered some eggs and the basket. My camera and camcorder batteries all died unexpectedly while I was trying to capture the moment. :( So I went to charge the batteries and fix Liam a snack, but much to my chagrin, he found the ducky before I could get fresh batteries! He had a ball crawling through the tunnel to the ducky. Later he played with it, nuzzled it, and crawled over it...too cute!

The rest of the day involved feeding, napping, talking, and playing with the grandparents until they had to go home. One of Liam's favorite toys has been his Leapfrog "computer". He got tired of it a month ago, so I put it away for a while and then brought it back out two days ago. Now that he can pull himself up, he loves to stand next to it and dance to the songs it plays when he pushes the buttons. In other news, we also got word that my grandfather is back in the hospital. We hope we can go visit him once we are no longer sick.

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