Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Some of you may be wondering why I haven't posted in a few days. Well, first there was my sinus infection, then there was the trip to Indiana for a couple days to visit my sick grandfather in the hospital, then there was another really bad hive attack (while out of town) that result in a trip to the ER...needless to say, it's been a busy few days. Right now Liam is down for a nap, so I thought I'd take this opportunity to catch up a bit.

Sean had Friday off. We went to look at a house with the realtor. We looked at some more houses on Saturday too. Sunday we decided to drive to Indiana. My grandfather is in the hospital and the family thinks that he is probably not going to make it to his 81st birthday, which is in a couple weeks. We spent most of the day at his side. Several of my cousins and aunts also were there to visit.

Sean came home Sunday evening because he had to work on Monday. I stayed at my parents Sunday night, that's also when I got "hived". Since I was without a car, my mom took me and Liam to the ER. I received more steroids for the hives...they started to fade a little. We all lost a lot of sleep and went to my parents to crash! Eventually, I made it home yesterday afternoon thanks to my sister, Rae. She drove Liam and I back home and plans to stay here a couple days to help out.

Over the weekend, Liam developed a runny nose, so we made an appointment for him to see the doctor Monday night. Sean and Rae took him so that I could rest, since I was suffering from a terrible sinus headache. Sure enough, Liam has a sinus infection too. Now we have yet another round of antibiotics to suffer through! While Sean went into the pharmacy, Rae waited in the car with Liam. She held him on her lap in the driver's seat and let him play with all the knobs, buttons, horns, and such...according to Sean and Rae, he had a blast pretending to drive the car.

Today Liam played with Rae most of the morning. It was so great to have another set of hands around! I was able to get a little more work done on my conference poster. In the afternoon we went out to run some errands. We made a stop at Goodwill and got Liam a few more summertime shirts and a small musical keyboard...this one is a real half-piano keyboard. After our stops, we went to my rheumatologist about the hives...where are still here by the way! She suggested a antibiotic used for malaria called Plaquenil. I need to do a bit of research on it to see about it's compatibility with breastfeeding. Apparently, it takes a long time to see an effect and stays in the body for many months...this makes me a little nervous. But I really need to find a solution for the hives!

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