Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Proudfoots & Proudfeets

Liam was clearly uncomfortable due to teething this morning. So after his morning nap, I took him to a couple of our favorite places to keep his mind off it. First we went to Basically Babies, a boutique that specializes in natural childcare products and cloth diapers. I talked to the owner about sewing diaper covers...I've been putting off finishing some precut covers that I got on ebay. She gave me some helpful tips and scrap PUL fabric to practice sewing on, and also sold me the fold-over elastic I needed to finish the covers.

Next we stopped in World Market to look at all the neat stuff there. Liam (& mommy) love this store because it contains so many beautiful and useful things. The casher at World Market knows us well and gave me a bag of ginger cookies because she adores Liam so much. Liam got a little nibble of ginger cookie too.

Our last stop was Playing Picasso, the ceramic painting studio. Last month I decided that I wanted to make foot prints on a tile for each month until Liam's first birthday. With the help of Sarah, the gal who works there, we managed to get a pretty good set of foot prints. We had a little trouble with his second foot, because he wanted to curl it as I stepped him down onto the tile. Somehow we ended up with six toes on that foot...hmmm...I managed to remove the extra pinkie toe with a little sand paper. Liam has such big feet! He has my long toes and his daddy's wide feet. I can just imagine how hard it will be to shop for shoes when he gets older!

At home, I played with Liam most of the afternoon. When daddy came home, he spent some time with Liam while I sewed one of the diaper covers. I also squeezed in a little time to work on my poster for the upcoming SAA conference. During Liam's bath tonight, I was struck by how long his arms and legs are now. He no longer has the physique of a baby, he looks like a toddler already!

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