Sunday, March 18, 2007

Another Early Morning & a Sunny Day

Liam woke at 4am again this morning. I couldn't get him back to sleep, so everyone (including grandma and grandpa) was up around 5:30am. That was ok, because we spent the morning first playing with Liam, then talking while he took a nap. Around 9am Liam woke up and his grandparent had to head home. I don't know if he was just swinging his arm or really waving bye-bye, but Liam appeared to wave to his grandparents as they were leaving...I have been working with him on waving for the past couple weeks. Mommy, Daddy, and baby all rested for the remainder of the morning.

After lunch we went to the Fenner Nature Center's Maple Sugar Festival. The Fenner Nature Center is a nice nature preserve just down the street from where we live. Though it was sunny today, there was a cold wind. So we bundled up and took a stroll through the woods and watched them boil maple sap into syrup. Sorry no pictures, I remembered my camera, but forgot to put a new disk in it...:(

Next we went to our favorite paint-your-own ceramic studio to make some Easter keepsakes for Liam. We ran into our friends Dan and Annie, and there 8mo. old son, Aidan. I painted an egg. Sean and Liam collaborated on an egg together. We look forward to seeing how everything turns out!

I fed Liam a big dinner tonight. He had his usual cereal with Prevacid mixing in it for his GERD. Then he had some pureed sweet peas. And for desert, he ate some frozen apple sauce.

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