Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Daycare Play

After Liam missed his one day of daycare last week, I was worried about how he would do today. He did surprisingly well considering he's teething again. I stayed nearby just in case, but the daycare providers manage to get him to eat from a bottle and even put him down for a short nap! I think that he is starting to feel more comfortable around the gals that work there and isn't quite as intimidated by the other babies. I was so please to hear that he played well with the other mobile babies (that's Liam in the middle of the photo), rather than crying all the time. I got a lot of work done week we'll try a whole day of daycare.

Once we came home Liam was pretty tired, but keyed up at the same time. I had to work pretty hard to get him to settle down for a nap. Once he did, we both snoozed in my bed for nearly two hours. For dinner, Lian tried organic rice krispies tonight. He enjoyed playing with them and managed to get a few in his mouth. They make a better finger food than cheerios at this point, because they are not as hard.

Liam has become even more vocal lately. He makes little screams and squeals when he gets excited. He often babbles various consonants and vowels too. He will also try to parrot back any word that you say to him several times. Although Sean is sad that he doesn't want to say dada anymore. He is constantly trying to get him to say dada...the more he asks, the more Liam resists. I think it's kind of funny, but it also shows me how headstrong he is!

PS - Check out the photo I added to the post on March 25th. I forgot to download the photos from that camera until today. I love this picture of Liam with Grandpa John!

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