Sunday, March 4, 2007

Playdate with Ashtyn

Today we had a visit from our friend Ashtyn and her mommy, Alissa. Ashtyn is about one month older than Liam. Alissa and I have been doing outings and playdates with the babies since Liam was just a month old. The last time we saw Ashtyn was at her 6 month birthday party.

Now the two of them are getting big. You can see them playing together in the picture above. In typical baby-style, they were taking toys away from each other. Ashtyn is such a cute little girl, with big hazel-brown eyes. She proudly said "Mama" while visiting us. Liam tried to suck on her toes (he does that with all the girls!).

In the evening, I decided to check out this online alphabet game for babies at that Alissa told me about. She said that Ashtyn loved to push buttons on her keyboard to make it go to the next letter. So I tried it out on Liam since he has shown such an interest in my computer. Much to my surprise, he was a little unsettled and would look like he was about to cry every time a new letter came up on the screen. I'm not sure what scared him. Perhaps it was the noises that the animals made or the computer talking to him. I tried the game again a little later and this time he was still unsure, but we went through the entire alphabet. I think he will get into it more in the future...he does like to press buttons on the keyboard.

PS - Last night we tried out the fitted diaper that I bought on Friday. It worked pretty well for nighttime, but didn't hold as much as my homemade diaper inserts. I might have to reverse engineer it and make some fitted diapers of my own. I am getting tired of paying for the diaper service...

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