Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Impromptu Playdate

Liam got up at 4am again this morning. Luckily I was able to get him to go back to sleep at 6am. Later , we enjoyed a leisure morning. I read a couple books to him and we also spent some time doing yoga (which mommy's back really needed).

My Friend, Sara, has been trying to establish a regular playdate at her house for several of her friends and their little ones. She's had a hard time getting everyone together at one time...we missed the last couple get-togethers. This morning I gave her a call to see if she was having another one and she told us to come on over at 1pm. Liam had so much fun playing with her daughter Elie, as well as Lindsey's little girl, Marlow. Elie had the best toy. It was a fabric tunnel made by Ikea. Liam giggled up a storm as he crawled and rolled through it over and over again. Liam also enjoyed Sara's pets. He giggle when her birds chirped and got surprising "kiss" on the mouth from her dog, Cody. We had so much fun playing that we lost all track of time, till daddy called at 4pm.

After dinner, daddy played with Liam so that I could work a little. Liam's favorite thing to do was to climb over daddy and pull himself up to standing. Liam has become enamored with being able to stand up.

PS - Monday morning I was up feeding Liam when his daddy left for work. Sean came over and gave him a kiss. Then as he was going out the door Liam looked at me with this sad face, his little lip sticking out. He didn't want daddy to go. When Sean came home from work, we were practicing standing and Liam was so happy to see his daddy come through the door!

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