Saturday, March 10, 2007

Hands & Knees

Well the past couple days have been busy ones. Liam was quite a handful on Friday. I think his ears were really bothering him. We went to our first "crawlers" gathering on Friday morning. Liam was the youngest there, most of the babies were actually walkers, not crawlers. I think Liam was a little jealous of how well the other babies could get around. Friday evening, Sean saw Liam crawl on his hands and knees...something he has been building up to, but not done more than a couple times before. I guess he learned something from watching all the other babies today! At bed time, I put Liam in his crib awake and he actually soothed himself to sleep. Way to go!

This morning Liam showed me how he could crawl on his hands and knees. He got about half way across the living room before he went back to his belly crawl. In the afternoon we got a visit from my parents. Of course Liam's grandma and grandpa showered him with love and affection. Liam especially enjoyed crawling over grandma like a jungle-gym. Later we all took Liam to the pottery studio to make foot prints on a tile. Yes, that's a picture of Liam's daddy painting his foot...but don't worry it's non-toxic. We had to try a couple times, but the prints ended up great!

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Kathleen said...

Your Dad's pictures look nice on the Website.
Will have to have Great-Grandparents take a look again.
Lov Mom