Thursday, March 8, 2007


This morning I gave Liam a bottle of water while changing him. I was talking to him about how much he loved water when he suddenly said, "wawa"! I think this is his fourth word. So far he's said dada, mama, granma, and wawa. Not bad for a seven month old.

On another note, diaper changes have become a total battle. Liam refuses to cooperate anymore, especially in the evening before bedtime. I constantly tries to roll over and crawl away and if he can't then he screams and cries at the top of his lungs. Or he will kick constantly and grab at our arms. Sometimes you can distract him for short periods of time with a toy or bottle, but that doesn't always work.

This afternoon we had a special visit from Carmen and her son Lars. We met Carmen and Lars at our mommy-baby yoga class. Lars was born just two days after Liam. The boys had lots of fun playing together in yoga class so Carmen and I decided to set up playdates. It also turns out that they live in the same neighborhood as us! So once the weather turns warm we can take walks, go to the zoo, and go to yard sales together.

PS - I finally got around to taking pictures of Liam with his plate that we made for his six month birthday...he is so ready to be a baby model!

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