Saturday, March 3, 2007

Happy 7 Month Birthday!

I can hardly believe that 7 months have passed already! It seems like yesterday that we were bring a tiny newborn home. Now Liam is a little person with a sense of humor, likes and dislikes, ever expanding mobility, and a beautiful smile.

This morning Liam woke early and by 8:30am took a nap. After he woke we piled in the car and took a drive to Jackson in order to visit a modular home retailer. We have considered building a modular home if we cannot find an existing home that we like. Liam was a perfect angel on our trip and seemed to enjoy being strolled around in a bunch of houses. He was tuckered out on the drive home and took another nap.

I have been feeling under the weather, so once we got home I took a nap while Daddy and Liam played. Liam really enjoys rough-housing, especially being flown around and tickled. I took this picture after I got up...I had to get at least one photo of him wearing his MSU gear. At dinner time Liam joined the "green bean team" with his first taste of green beans. He didn't even make a face, like he usually does when he tries something new. Liam really loves his green vegetables!

He was so excited at bath time that he kicked and splashed a bunch. He was being so cute that I had to get a picture. If you look really close you can see his little teeth in his bath's been so hard to get a photo of his new teeth.

PS - The past couple of nights I have been able to successfully put Liam down in his crib while he is still slightly awake. He doesn't crie like he was doing before. I just rub his back or tummy a little and let him nuzzle my other had till he is settled. It is a relief that being put in his crib no longer makes him upset. Now if we could only get him to sleep more than three hours before waking...

PPS - I almost forgot two other significant things from today. First, while Liam was playing in the morning, he had figured out how to dismantle his stacking ring. So he was playing with the hollow tube. He figured out that when he babbled into the tube his voice sounded different. Then he started to yell into the was the funniest thing! Second, when playing with daddy in the evening, he actually said "daddy" after he heard me say it! Sean and I were both surprised and tried to get him to do it again, but he went back to "dadada".

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