Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Flew the Croup

Last night Liam gave us a real scare, when he started coughing and wheezing. I fed him and put him to bed. When he woke around 1:30am he was much worse and it scared Sean and I so much that we decided to take him to the Emergency room. The triage nurse saw us and we got registered. He had no fever and was breathing a little better once we got there. We waited and waited, and there were a lot of scary characters there. Finally, around 4am we decided it was more important for all of us to get some sleep, since they obviously didn't think he was in immediate danger. We all went home and piled into bed together.

As soon as the pediatricians office opened, I called to make an appointment. He saw another doctor in the practice, who was very nice. It turns out that Liam has both croup and bronchitis. And to make matters worse, he also has a yeast infection from his previous round of antibiotics. The poor little guy!

Liam seemed to take it all in stride. Even though he must be feeling quite bad, he was pretty happy today and played a lot when he was awake. It was kinda scary how fast the croup came on. There was no indication that he was coming down with something prior to last night. Hopefully he will recover in a couple days...he's definitely had his share of illness in the past month.

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