Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Knot on the Noggin

Well today started great...even though Liam was up nearly every hour last night, he slept in till 7am. We played and then took a nice morning nap together. BUT...after we woke I made the terrible mistake of leaving him in my bed as I got dressed. I had my back turned for a moment, while changing my shirt, and I heard the most awful sound in the universe...the sound of my boy's head hitting the floor. I should have known better!!! I can't believe that I let it happen! He cried for a minute and I comforted him. After we both got over the shock, I checked his eyes and head, then called Sean and the pediatrician. Luckily we already had an appointment to see Liam's doctor this afternoon, so I was able to have him checked out. His doctor said he looked fine, just bruised. What a relief! But it still doesn't erase my guilt for letting it happen. I certainly won't be winning any mothering awards for today's performance. The rest of the day passed without incident. Although I did find out that Liam has another ear infection and will have to go back on antibiotics. Ugh!

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