Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Won't You be My Neighbor!

Last night Liam was up between 2-5am. This made for a long night and an even longer day. On top of that, Liam's daddy was also sick and stayed home from work today. We all had a lazy morning. At lunchtime while Sean napped, I gave Liam his first saltine crackers. He ate them up and did really good with biting off small enough pieces to chew. After I finished my lunch, I fed him some sweet potatoes too. We enjoyed our lunch while watching Mr. Rogers...I know, I know...babies shouldn't watch TV. But it just happened to be on when I flipped through the channels to see the weather forecast and it was an entertaining show about balloons today!

After lunch we let daddy rest some more and went to Sarah and Elie's house again for a playdate. As usual, the munchkins had a good time playing. Before we left, I also let Liam walk barefoot on their lawn, which was starting to turn green. He was a little unsure about it and especially surprised when he put his hands down to crawl. I can't wait to take him to the beach to walk in sand!

PS - I can't believe that I almost forgot to post that Liam's forth incisor cut through today. Now he's looking so much older than his age with four little teeth in his mouth! (added 3/28/07)


Kathleen said...

@Had to comment on the first 'grass' experience. I remember so well how puzzled you and your sister were when it was your 'first' time. Don't expect him to like 'sand' at first. Grandma and Grandpa have pictures of me 'refusing to put feet or hands down and touch the sand'. I just sat there and screamed, holding my feet up in the air. 56 years later--the beach is one of my favorite things. Luv mom

ArchyMommy said...

Great story mom, thanks for sharing! Yeah, I was kinda surprised that he didn't really like the grass. I have high hopes that he will eventually love to play outside in the grass and mud and sand!