Friday, March 16, 2007

March Madness

Yesterday Liam and I made a rare trip to the MSU campus to drop off a few things. In honor of the big game, he wore his little MSU shirt. Liam enjoyed walking around outside and seeing all the sweet secretary's in the department who all flirted with him. Then we went to pick up his foot-print tile that we made last weekend. We also made a stop to pick up some prefold diapers - we've decided it's time to do our own diapers rather than use a service.

Thursday evening after I fed Liam his usual pureed meal, I gave him a few organic cheerios to try. He had lots of fun picking them up and putting them in his mouth. Very few actually stayed in his mouth though...I think he only ate one and a half O's. Much to my surprise after all than food he still wanted to nurse too. He must be growing again!

Today we hung out at home most of the day. I sewed a few diaper doublers while he played nearby. Liam was really craving my attention though, so I didn't complete everything. He has been so clingy that he cries if I even take a step away. He will crawl after me and cry "mamaaa"! I wanted to get a quick shower before we went out in the afternoon, so I put Liam in his walker next to the shower. But as as soon as I stepped behind the curtain he would cry. I tried to play peek-a-boo with him and make silly faces or wave from behind the curtain, still he cried. I was feeling so down about how often Liam cries that I gave my mom a call to see if this was "normal" for a seven month-old baby. She assured me that all babies go through similar needy times. I still feel like a bad mother for how many times a day he is sent sobbing...hopefully this stage will pass quickly!

On a lighter note, I took him to a local craft store in the afternoon just to get out of the house - he always love to go shopping. We picked out some scrap booking supplies and looked all around the store. When we got home Liam was bushed and feel asleep still in his coat. I couldn't resist taking his picture!

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