Thursday, March 29, 2007

Liam & Gabe's Grand Day Out

We had an uneventful morning before 5 year-old Gabe came a little after 10am. We played in the apartment for a bit and watched "Wallace and Gromet's Grand Day Out". The favorite toy for both Liam and Gabe was the Fisher-Price piano that I picked up for a couple dollars at Goodwill last night.

A little later we took a stroll down to the local park. Liam rode on my back while I played with Gabe. We played on the swings, blew bubbles, drew on the sidewalks with chalk, and made believe that we were taking our own voyage to the moon. It's amazing how mellow Liam is around other children...he really enjoys watching and learning from them. We came back to the apartment for lunch and then went back down to the park until Gabe's mom came to pick him up. We left a bunch of pictures on the sidewalk for people to enjoy.

Liam and I were both tired out when we got back home and we took a long afternoon nap together on the recliner. Daddy fed Liam his dinner tonight, which allowed me to get a shower (Yeah!). Then we all sat on the floor and played and talked for most of the evening.

PS - Hard to believe, but Liam is 34 weeks old today and just shy of 8 months. My how time flies!

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