Friday, March 23, 2007

Yuk to Yeast!

I've have been diligently working on getting rid of Liam's yeast infection. In addition to starting us both on some probiotics to help rebuild the healthy flora in our bodies, I've also been giving him regular vinegar and tea tree oil baths to help kill the yeast. So far it has been very stubborn and he is still quite red. At least the swelling has started to go down. I just hope that I don't have to give him any more antibiotics for a while...they sure have made life complicated!

I found out that I wasn't alone in dealing with yeast when we went to the crawlers playgroup today. Another mom and her son had yeast, which was making breastfeeding very painful. We commiserated and some of the other mom's gave us tips on how they treated their little ones for yeast.

Other than ouchy diaper changes, Liam has been quite playful and happy. He even endured a trip to the laundromat with me in the afternoon. He got to crawl around and explore while at the playgroup and played with all the toys. At home he even played contently by himself for a little bit! We are looking forward to a warm weekend to go outside and play.

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