Thursday, March 22, 2007

Stand Tall

Well he finally did it...Liam pulled himself up to a standing position using the furniture! This morning he noticed daddy's book (with the enticing shiny cover) sitting in the loveseat. It took him a minute or two, but he quickly pulled himself up to see if he could grab the book. When he realized that he couldn't quite reach it, he tried standing on his tippy-toes. Eventually he shifted his attention to the blankets piled on the ottoman and surprised me by taking steps over to it.

This past week he has been trying to pull himself up using Sean or myself while we sat and played on the floor with him. Now it's official - Liam can stand up by himself with the support of an object!

PS - After dinner, we all took a walk around our neighborhood to look at the houses for sale. Liam rode on my back in the Hoppediz. It's so nice that the weather is warm enough to go outside again. We sure missed our walks during the winter!

1 comment:

Kathleen said...

Awesome that you got it in pictures!
I was so surprised and happy to see this today. Made my day. Love M