Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Double the Playdates, Double the Fun

This morning I had an appointment with the dentist and unfortunately Sean couldn't get the morning off work. Luckily, my friend Eva was able to come to the rescue to watch Liam. She came over with Hannah and the little ones got to play while I was out. It was really good to catch up with her afterwards...with all the craziness during the past couple months we hadn't found the time to have a playdate. Hannah was adorable, as always. She was showing Liam how to put toys IN the toy baskets.

After Eva and Hannah left, Liam ate a big lunch. He tried pureed spinach today and loved it. Later, Liam and I went to Sara's house for our Tuesday playdate. The usual suspects were all there today: Elli, Scarlet, and Marlow. We gave Scarlet a belated birthday gift (she turned 1 in March). And Elli and Marlow got birthday gifts too (their birthdays are May 3rd and 15th). I found some adorable vintage outfits for them last Sunday. Marlow wore the little shirt we gave her...it was too cute! We also gave each of them a book as well.

For whatever reason, the babies were all a little whinny and grumpy today. We attributed it to the rainy and stormy weather outside. The frequent and random downpours prevented us from going outside and taking a walk. I took Liam home a little before 4pm because he was tired and cranky. He fell asleep on the way home and took a long nap once home. I made a tasty dinner of Caribbean jerk chicken, fried plantains and rice. For the first time in ages Sean and I actually enjoyed a quiet dinner alone!

Sean gave Liam a bath tonight. It was nice to relax a little in the evening...another thing that I never get to do. Then I read Liam a couple short books before bedtime. He giggled and laughed at the pictures in the books. I am so happy that he enjoys being read to. He resisted going to bed at first. He even bit me! But he eventually drifted off in my arms.

PS - I almost forgot to mention that Liam had his first ice cream today. We stopped at the Fleetwood diner for desert after running some errands this evening. I ordered the glazed apple pie and Sean had strawberry shortcake. I also ordered a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side for Liam to taste. At first he didn't like that it was cold, but then he ate a few bites and seemed to enjoy it.

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