Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bringing winter indoors

Whew, where has the week gone?! I can't believe it's Thursday already. We have all gotten accustomed to my new work schedule. Liam and daddy have there time to hang out together in the evenings. Meanwhile, Liam and I have spent our days looking at daycare centers and going to playgroups.

Today was especially eventful. We visited two potential "schools" for Liam. The first one was outstanding! They had multiple classrooms for toddlers and preschoolers, a wonderful curriculum, art project hanging everywhere, a gym for the kids to play in twice a day, and the teachers were all very involved and friendly. I would love to send Liam there. The only problem is that it's quite expensive. The second center made me want to run screaming. It was super clean...almost sterile in fact. There were few toys for the kids, they provide all meals (no outside food was allowed), and the teachers seemed uninterested and clinical (they even wore scrubs). Both centers had openings, it's just a matter of making a decision before the openings are filled. Decisions, decisions...

After our tours, Liam and I went to our usual Thursday playgroup. This time it was really small; there were only three kiddos and parents (including Liam and I)! That didn't stop us from having a good time though. Liam played and I chatted with the other parents and group coordinator. The coordinator shared a play dough recipe with me that I hope to make over the weekend. At the end of the playgroup, she got out her guitar to play along while we sung some songs. This is always Liam's favorite part. Of course he had to "help" strum the guitar. I took this short video with my camera...he's a born musician!

Later at home, I decided to break out the finger paints. Here is Liam's lovely painting. You can see that he favors his left had. I thought he palate was just as pretty as the painting so I had to take a picture of it too.

I scooped up a bowl full of snow for Liam to play with while I made dinner. I got this idea from the first day care center we toured today. They were doing this with the kiddos since it was much too cold to play outside. I really like this's very creative to bring a little of winter indoors. Liam - being wholly obsessed with wheeled things - decided to drive his cars around in the bowl full of snow.

One last item of note: Liam put a sock on his foot all by himself for the very first time on Wednesday! Way to go Liam!

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