Monday, January 28, 2008

A CUP half full

This morning Liam and I went to make the down payment for the daycare that we decided to send him to. I was relieved that they still had the opening for him (we've had problems at other places). BTW: To get you up to speed, I should tell you that I've applied for a fulltime job. It's in my field and pays pretty well, so I am hoping that I get it. This is why I have been so preoccupied with daycare centers. Liam got to play with the other kids for about a half and hour, while I talked to the teachers in his room. There are five other boys and one little girl in that room. Unfortunately, one of the boys is actually named figures!

Overall, I like the teachers' approach to learning and discipline. I think it will be a really good place for him (see my post from last Thursday - we picked daycare center number 1). Probably my only concern is that they seem to overfeed the kiddos during snack time. All the little boys had big pot bellies. I hope that this doesn't happen to Liam. They also tend to get pretty messy at daycare. Nobody wears a bib at meals, and there are lots of messy craft activities. The teaches advised me to send him with several changes of clothes and not to send him in good clothes either...hmm...I think we'll go thrifting tomorrow!

We spent the rest of our morning at the local NINO group meeting. After all that good playtime, Liam crashed and took a long nap this afternoon. At dinner time Liam used a real cup with his meal. He is getting pretty good about not spilling it everywhere.

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