Thursday, January 17, 2008

Wardrobe Woes?

No, Liam isn't whining in this picture because he's unhappy with his clothes - he actually picked this combo himself. This morning Liam was very particular about his outfit. I let him pick his shirt first...he picked cookie monster. Then I handed him a pair of pants that matched, but he threw them back at me. So I lifted him up to his pants drawer and let him chose for himself. He picked the winter camo pants at the very bottom. Amazingly enough, the pants he picked actually coordinated with cookie monster. He even got compliments on his outfit when we went to the Great Start play group this morning. My little guy's got fashion sense.

Liam continues to be rather clingy and needy. In the morning we sang and made music. I was singing scales to him, using "la,la,la" and he started singing "la,la" back. I change to "ba,ba" or "ma,ma" and he thought that was funny. Liam got to play with paint markers at playgroup and was super well behaved. But after playgroup Liam sobbed and threw a tantrum when I tried to put him in his carseat. It took a while, but I eventually soothed him to sleep. With all his crying, I actually started wondering whether there is a toddler version of colic.

In the afternoon I spent a lot of time playing kitchen with him. He even wanted to wear the apron I made him. Afterwards we colored for nearly an hour. In the evening he asked to nurse just about every ten minutes...ugh! I hope that his mood is just teething or a passing phase. I started working in the evenings again this week, so perhaps he is just going through mommy withdrawal. With any luck, we will slip back into a evening routine within a week and everyone will be happier.

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