Thursday, January 3, 2008

Super 17!

Well after a review last year's posts, it seems that illness was a pretty common occurrence. Unfortunately, 2008 has started off the same way. Yesterday Liam and I both visited the doctor for our sinus/ear infections. Liam was weighed this time. He is now 24lb 14oz (getting ever closer to that 25lb mark). Of course going to the doctor means more antibiotics, but I think we really do need them this time. I have been feeling nauseated and dizzy for days now and I need to get better.

Liam is 17 months old today. I am feeling so rotten that I don't even feel like going to get groceries, let alone take him out to do something fun. We colored a little this morning and he went down for an early nap (after some persuasion). If I'm feeling a little better, we might go paint some pottery at the studio down the street this afternoon. I know he's dieing to get out of the house and so am I!


After Liam took his nap, we went to Playing Picasso to paint some pottery. Liam got to make a Christmas ornament (something I had wanted to do before the holidays, but never found the time for). We we lucky, because the Christmas pieces were on sale! What fun and what a mess!

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