Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Rough and Tumble?

Last Sunday was a busy day for us. We had several guests at our home. In the morning Alissa and Ashtyn came over to play for a few hours. As always, the kiddos had a blast. One of their favorite games goes something like this: Liam starts screaming (happily) and at Ashtyn, Ashtyn screams back, Liam runs to "hide" under the table, Ashtyn runs to "get" him then runs away to hide herself, Liam runs after her...the whole time this is going on they scream and giggle up a storm. It's cute, even if it does cause a migraine!

In the evening our old neighbor, Chris, came over for a belated Christmas dinner. I really out did myself this time. I made a super yummy potroast with vegies in the crock pot, wheat bread, and a dutch apple pie. The entire meal was made from scratch. Everyone ate well (except Liam...he's not a meat and potatoes guy). Liam was shy around Chris at first. I don't think he remembered him because it's been a while since Chris has visited. Eventually Chris won him over with some tickling.

Throughout the day Liam seemed rather accident prone. He tripped and fell in the morning and bruised his lip. He slid and fell a couple times while Ashtyn was chasing him, and then to top it all off he fell down a few steps on the stairway just before bedtime. Luckily he wasn't really hurt any of the times he took a tumble, but I think his ego was a bit bruised.

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