Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Daddy made me a coffee-holic

There is a lot to catch up with in the past week.

Last Wednesday, January 9th, Liam had his last day of daycare. The daycare center that he has been going to closed. I feel pretty sad about it, because I really trusted this place and the people there. Hopefully we can find another daycare that we trust as much. While Liam had fun, I worked a half day as a substitute teacher. This subbing experience was much better than the last two. I got to be a music teacher and dance and sing in front of a bunch of second and third graders. Liam was all tuckered out when I picked him up.

On Thursday we resumed our regular visits to the Great Start playgroup in East Lansing. This time we went to the later playgroup (because Liam fell asleep in the car on the way over to the early group). We enjoyed this group because it was much smaller and not so chaotic. I observed Liam putting his knit hat on by himself this morning. I was very impressed.

Friday we walked down to the Great Start playgroup in the community center. Again, Liam had a blast.

On Saturday we drove to Fort Wayne to visit with my mother in the hospital. On the drive down, Liam started saying "Ut-Oh" over and over again. It was so funny. He must have said it at least 300 times before we made it to Fort Wayne. We spent the weekend in Indiana and went home Monday afternoon. I think Liam had a rough time being away from home because he wasn't able to play freely when we were in the hospital or at my moms house. He did, however, discover the wonders of coffee, when daddy mistakenly allowed him to sip the last droplet of coffee from his cup...I think Liam is hooked.

Today I received the good news that my mom is eating solid foods now and will most likely be released on Wednesday morning. This morning I let Liam play with pompons while I washed the dishes. He had fun mixing them up in my biggest bowl. Later Liam and I traveled to a friend's farm. Liam got to play in the snow when we were there. He chased after their dog and petted their kittens. He mooed back at all the cows and starred down a huge bull. He also got to play with Jamie's youngest boy, Joseph, who was a little taken aback by Liam's interest in his toys. :)

PS-I think I forgot to mention that Liam started doing a funny thing in December. He pretends to snore if you ask him if it's time for a nap or bedtime...it's must be from hearing his daddy snore.

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