Friday, January 18, 2008

An end to the dinner strike.

All this week Liam has refused to eat dinner. Not only is it aggravating to making a meal that goes uneaten, but then Liam spends all evening whining that he is hungry and wants to nurse. Mind you, he whines and cries for dinner the entire time I am making it and these meals are things that he would have gobbled up if I had served them for lunch, so I am baffled by why he won't eat at dinner time?! Sean and I decided that we needed to be firm and not allow him snacks in the evening if he refuses dinner. I tried wrapping up his plate of food and rewarming it when he asked for food, but he wouldn't eat it.

This evening, Liam finally ate dinner with us. I made a casserole with sausage and eggs. I figured he would reject along with the rest of this week's meals, but surprisingly he cleared his plate. Maybe he realized that he wasn't going to get anything else, or maybe he just really liked it? Who knows? I'm just happy that he ate dinner. Hooray the strike has ended!! (At least for one night.)

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