Thursday, January 31, 2008

My #1 made #2

As some of you know, I have been fairly successful at getting Liam to go #1 in the potty for some time now. However, he's only gone #2 in the potty once - and that was several months ago. Yesterday, Liam went over to the potty and started to open it. I asked him if he had to go and he shook his head yes. I set him on it and waited...a few minutes later he signed "all done" and got up. To my immense surprise and pleasure, he had gone #2 in the potty! Hooray! One less poopy diaper to wash!!! I hope we can make a habit out of this!

Today Sean stayed home from work so that I could get my Upper GI scan done in the morning. Before we left for playgroup, Liam and I "sewed" a Valentines heart together. I was surprised at how well he held the plastic needle and threaded it through the holes in the heart that I made with a hole punch. He decorated it with crayons and some heart stickers. Here he is with the finished project.

Later at playgroup, Liam got to play with dump trucks and cars. He had a blast crashing them and filling their beds with playdough. This evening, we all enjoyed play with our playdough after dinner. Daddy made a kitty cat for Liam. Here's a short video of him playing with it. You can hear him say "kitty" and "ut-oh" when it falls apart.

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