Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Michigan voters are people too!

I'm normally not a very political person. But the Democratic party has really tweaked me off for disenfranchising thousands of Michigan voters. I think Michigan legitimately had the right to do what it wanted with our primary. We have more than our fair share of economic problems in the past few years. Unemployment is highest in the nation, gas prices are some of highest in the nation, wages are falling, jobs are disappearing, home foreclosures are rampant, and several Michigan cities were listed on the nations "Worst Cities".

People just don't understand the level of economic blight that has taken hold of this state. Even our state government is bankrupt, griped with indecision in the legislature, and laying people off. Here in the capital of Michigan, every neighborhood has empty decaying houses and there are grown men loitering in the streets for lack of jobs. It makes me sick that the Democrats are punishing us for trying to turn things around. We are desperate for change! Dang it, let us make a difference for once! Give us a voice!

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